Outdoor Lighting

  • Install motion sensor lights to come on whenever motion is detected and turn off when motion ceases.
  • Install new or replace existing porch lights to welcome friends and family to your home.
  • Illuminate your pathway with lamp posts for a timeless look and added security.
  • Add security lights for extra safety in your drive way, gang way, or parking area.
  • Discourage residential crime by making sure your home and property is well lit.

Basic Outdoor Lights

Outdoor Lighting by Professional Chicagoland Electricians

Outdoor wall sconces and light fixtures will add warmth and appeal to your homes and property. Outdoor porch lights are a focal point of any residence as they welcome visitors to your home or building.

Patio lighting also serves a specific purpose and can enhance your family get togethers such as barbecues or outdoor garden parties. A patio at night looks incomplete without patio lighting so, contact our professionals to give you an estimate on updating your patio with lights that will add both functionality as well as security.

As you consider outdoor lighting for your home, remember that it should be multi-functional and neighbor-friendly. With so many choices it's also important to make sure it looks aesthetically pleasing and blends in with your home's exterior and overall style.


Chicago Electrical Contractor Who Installs Outdoor Lights

Contact a Professional Electrician Contact A+ Electrical Services to install any outdoor light fixture for your home or property.

Lamp Posts

Installing New Lamp Posts
Lamp Posts are a great way to add timeless beauty to your yard or property. A+ Electrical Services works with both condominiums and home owners to install new lamp posts or repair existing lamp posts.

The wiring for lamp posts typically runs underground, so it's very important to contact an experienced professional who knows how to properly install lamp posts. Our professionals can make sure your lamp posts are installed correctly and leave you with an assurance that all the underground wiring is water tight and safe.

Repairing Existing Lamp Posts
It's important to immediately take care of lamp posts that are not working. You can start by trying to change the light bulb, but if that doesn't fix your problem contact one of our professionals right away. Underground wires that become damaged over time or due to yard work could be releasing electricity into the ground. This can lead to unsafe conditions when the ground is wet due to rain or melting snow. Our technicians can quickly identify the problem and safely address issues regarding underground wiring.

  Chicago Electricians Install and Repair Lamp Posts
Professional Installation of Lamp Posts in Chicagoland

Contact a Professional Electrician Contact A+ Electrical Services to install or repair lamp posts for your property.

Security Lights and Motion Sensor Lights

Install Security Lights in Chicago

Outdoor Security Lighting creates a safer environment for your home or business.

The US Department of Justice has determined that a well lit home and property helps discourage criminals from targeting your home. Be proactive in maintain safety around your home, while at the same time increasing the beauty of your residence and neighborhood.

Well-placed lights also highlight steps, walkways, and entry areas. This reduces the chance of falls and makes walking at night easier.


Security Lights

Contact a Professional Electrician Contact A+ Electrical Services to install or replace motion sensor lights or security lights for your property.


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