Garage Electric Wiring

  • Install GFCI receptacles throughout your garage.
  • Replace existing two-prong receptacles.
  • Add additional outlets and extra lights for your garage.
  • Add dedicated circuits for specific outlets and appliances in your garage.
  • Install Motion Detector Lights outside your garage for added security around your home.
  • Install electric space heater to keep your garage at a comfortable temperature during colder months.

Improve Your Garage Electric

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GFCI Outlets in your Garage

Contact us to replace your existing garage outlets with GFCI outlets. Older two-prong outlets, common in older garages, loose their ability to provide a safe electrical connection, also not being grounded make them a safety hazard. All two-prong outlets should be replaced by a GFCI outlet in order to meet electrical code and keep your garage functioning safely.

Are you using an extension pulled across the garage every time you want to vacuum out the car or work with your power tools? Consider installing a new wall outlet, or duplex receptacle for increased convenience and additional safety from tripping or falling over cords.

Add Additional Lighting for your Shop or Garage

One of the most versatile rooms in your home is your garage. Besides storage, the garage is often used as a workshop for mechanics or hobbies. Consider installing extra lights (overhead lights, shop lights, or task lights) to make sure your workshop is well lighted and a safe place for using tools or machinery.

Install Shop Lights for Your Garage

Garage Space Heater

Upgrade your Garage with an Electric Space Heater

Contact our experienced electricians to help you upgrade your garage with an electric space heater. It's often more efficient to run an electrical connection to heat your garage than running a gas line.

Increase your comfort while working on hobbies or home projects during the colder months. Modern space heaters for your garage are quite, energy efficient, and can come with a built in thermostat so you can easily adjust the temperature based on your needs. Consider installing a ceiling mounted electric space heater to save on precious floor space as well as increase overall safety.

Contact a Professional Electrician Contact A+ Electrical Services to upgrade your existing outlets to GFCI outlets for your garage or shop, in order to meet electrical code standards or to upgrade your garage with task lighting or an electrical space heater.

Outdoor Receptacles

Outdoor GFCI Outlets

Contact us to install a conveniently located outdoor GFCI outlet on your garage next to your driveway. These outdoor GFCI outlets are very useful next to your drive way for electrical devices like pressure washer, leaf blowers, snow removers, or vacuumed cleaners. Have this outlet installed by a licensed electrician to avoid potential electrical hazards.



Outdoor Garage  Electrical Outlet

Garage Motion Sensor Lights

Garage Motion Sensor Lights

Call our licensed electricians to install a motion sensor light on your garage. This light will update the look of your property as well as adding safety by lighting up poorly lighted gangways or driveways. These lights add security while saving energy since they are only activated when motion is detected.


Contact a Professional Electrician Contact A+ Electrical Services to install outdoor outlets or outdoor motion sensor lights adding convinces and safety to your home.



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