Gutter De-icing Systems

  • Install gutter de-icing cables at your home or business to prevent the formation of ice dams.
  • Install a gutter de-icing system to prevent dangerous icicles from collapsing on anyone below.
  • Protect your home from melting and refreezing ice that can damage your roof and leak inside your home further damaging walls, insulation and ceilings.
  • Contact our professional electricians to installing de-icing cables for your gutter when the roof is dry instead of paying for costly home repairs later.
  • Prolong the life of your gutter de-icing system by installing a thermostat controller so electricity is used only when needed providing substantial energy savings.
  • Contact A+ Electrical Services to make sure your de-icing system is powered by GFCI protected circuit to prevent accidental electrical shocks.

Ice Dams

Chicagoland Ice Dam Example

What is an ice dam?

Ice dams begin when snow accumulates on the roof.  Once it builds up, it begins to acts as an insulator. Heat from the attic warms the underside of the roof and melts the bottom snow which runs down the roof until it meets a cold surface like your gutters. There it freezes and accumulates until the layer becomes thicker and thicker, creating an ice dam.  All of this action is hidden from view under the snow cover, but the most obvious sign of an ice dam are large icicles hanging off your gutters and the eaves of your house.

Standard roof shingle construction is not designed to resist the attack of water pooling on its surface. The alternate freezing and thawing that occurs under these conditions can increase the magnitude of roof leaks. Once the water has penetrated the shingles, it flows under siding and eaves and leaks through the framing of your home. If interior damage has already occurred, you will see a wet ceiling and walls or water flowing into windows.


Chicago Ice Dam Chicago Ice Dam Chicago Ice dam

Contact a Professional Electrician Contact A+ Electrical Services where our electricians are trained to handle all aspects of designing, installing, and servicing your de-icing system.

Installing a de-icing system can help prevent the following:

  • Interior Structural Damage:
    Ice dams on roof edges lead to water ingress.
  • Exterior Damage to Gutters:
    Frozen gutters are heavy, leading to distortion or breakage.
  • Falling Icicles:
    Icicles pose a threat and a liability to people and property.
  • Slippery Walkways:
    Overfilled gutters allow water to fall on the ground and refreeze
  Ice Damage
A/C System Damaged by Falling Ice Blocks


Gutter and Downspout De-icing System

Gutter and Downspouts in Chicago

How Can De-icing Cables Help Prevent Ice Dams?

De-icing cables provides a continuous drain path for melted snow and ice from the roof to the gutter and out the downspout. Reliable and cost effective, these systems are the effective answer for gutter and downspout de-icing applications.

De-icing cables are the most common and economic solution for preventing ice dams from forming and even more importantly they prevent frozen gutters and downspouts.

While it may be tempting to purchase low-quality heating cables from the local hardware store that you plug in and leave on all winter long, they are not always reliable.

Contact our experienced electricians who can provide you with higher quality, or even commercial grade, products that will be worth your investment. We also recommend installing a thermostat controller that will turn your heating cables on and off based on freezing temperature. Not only will this save you energy in the long run, it will minimize the use of your heating cables and extends their overall life span. Our electricians will also make sure that your de-icing system is powered by a GFCI protected circuit so you are protected from accidental electrical shocks.

When you contact A+ Electrical Services to install your de-icing system you can rest assured that you have a high quality, professionally installed system, complete with all the required components so that it will run efficiently and effectively and leave you worry free.


Contact a Professional Electrician Contact A+ Electrical Services to install a gutter de-icing system for your home or business before snow and ice causes costly damages.



"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." - Benjamin Franklin



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