Switches, Dimmers, and Outlets

  • Add an extra outlet to existing circuit for your bedroom, living room, hallway, kitchen, bathrooms or home office.
  • Contact our professional electricians to install switches for your existing closet pull chain fixture lights.
  • Upgrade your home by installing dimmers to save energy and give you more control of your lighting.
  • Install a remote / in-wall controller for more convenient adjustment of your ceiling fans.
  • Add timers or motion sensor light controllers to your laundry room, garage, or storage room.

Install or Repair Electrical Outlets

Duplex Receptacles

Decora Style Outlets

Install New Electrical Outlets

With technology becoming more and more present in our lives, it seems there's always a new electrical device to bring home or into the office. If you're like most people, you often find yourself wishing you had additional outlets to accommodate the ever-growing number of plugs for all these new devices. Our licensed electricians can install new outlets and even add dedicated circuits for your more high end electronics. We can move or install additional outlets practically anywhere, including:

  • Kitchen - countertop and kitchen island outlets
  • Living room - outlets for entertainment systems
  • Bathroom - safety GFCI outlets for beauty appliances

  • Bedrooms - multiple outlets for your interior design needs

  • Split outlets - one tied to a switch, the other always powered

  • Home Office - outlets for computers, printers, shredders, or task areas

Install Tamper Resistant Receptacles

According to 2008 National Electrical Code tamper resistant receptacles, sometimes called child-proof outlets, are required during all new construction and major renovations for single and multi-family homes. Why not upgrade your home to current safety standards, these specialty outlets can help protect you and your family from electrical hazards.

Switch and Outlet Combo

Repair Existing Electrical Outlets

Over time outlets can become damaged or broken, they can even deteriorate from frequent use.  As a result, plugs can begin to fit loosely into electrical outlets.  Outlets like this can create a temporary loss of power, spark, overheat, and can become potential fire hazards and they must be replaced.  Contact our experienced electricians to replace your damaged, deteriorated or malfunctioning outlets to guard against electrical fires and electrocution. 



Contact a Professional Electrician Contact A+ Electrical Services to install new or repair existing outlets in your home or office.

Install or Repair Electrical Switches

Install New Electrical Switch

Installing a simple switch for your closet light fixture can reduce the frustration of dealing with a broken or short pull chain, wobbling light fixture, or a pull chain that might be in your way. Also, you may find it convenient to install a 3-way switch to control a hallway or stairway light fixture. In some situations, you may need a switch to control a specific outlet for lamps or special appliances.

Replace Existing Electrical Switch

Occasionally a light fixture that is in perfect operating condition will not work because the wall switch to the receptacle is faulty. There are several primary symptoms of switch failure:

  • the switch loses its snap or there is no clear distinction between the ON/OFF positions
  • flipping the switch no longer turns the light on or off
  • flipping the switch makes the light flicker, but the light will not stay on or off
  • the switch may work occasionally, but you have to jiggle it back and forth several times to keep the light on

 If you spot any of these symptoms of switch failure call our professionals to replace the wall switch as soon as possible to reduce the chance of an electrical fire.


Stacked Light Switch Combo
Electrical Switches

Contact a Professional Electrician Contact A+ Electrical Services to install new or replace existing electrical switches in your residence or business.

Install or Replace Dimmers and Ceiling Fan Controllers

Dimmer Switch Fan Remotes

Install or Replace New Dimmer

Light dimmers, provide added control to your lighting design and extra savings on your electric bill. Lighting dimmers allow you to adjust the intensity of the light to meet each individual's needs. Dimmers are also a quick and easy way to make a big difference in the visual presentation any room.

Our electricians also install wireless lighting dimmers that allow you to control your lighting intensity remotely.  With our wide selection of light dimmers and the experience and skill of our professional lighting technicians, we can provide you any lighting environment you want.

If your existing dimmer is not working properly contact our electricians to diagnose your problem and replace the dimmer if needed.

Install or Replace Ceiling Fan Controller

Remote controls have become an affordable option for controlling ceiling fans. While some models do employ this as their sole form of operation, model-specific kits can be installed to your existing ceiling fan by our technicians to give you the added convenience of a remote. Call us to help you find and install a remote controller kit that matches your ceiling fan or to help you diagnose problems with your existing system.



Contact a Professional Electrician Contact A+ Electrical Services to enhance your home with dimmers and ceiling fan controllers.

Install Timers or Motion Sensor Light Controllers

Install Timers or Motion Sensor Light Controllers

Light timers and motion sensor light controllers are a great way to enhance your home’s lighting design and an easy way to reduce your energy consumption.

Light timers and motion sensor light controllers are available in many options and A+ Electrical Services can recommend the right one for you .  In addition to saving energy and utility costs, timers and motion sensors also provide you the convenience of knowing that lights are turned off when they’re not needed.



Contact a Professional Electrician Contact A+ Electrical Services to provide you with high quality, energy efficient, and user friendly lighting solutions.



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