Phone & TV Cables

  • Install additional phone jack or TV jack for an office or bedroom.
  • Install additional lines for your fax machines.
  • Install in-wall speaker wires for your TV surround sound systems for a neater look.
  • Contact us to repair phone jacks, phone wiring, Cat-5 jack, or Cat-5 wiring.

Low Voltage Wiring

Phone and TV Wiring

Repairs and Upgrades

Today's technology requires proper wiring to work correctly. Even "wireless" technology involves a lot of wires behind the scenes. A+ Electrical Services installs residential wiring for a range of communications technologies, such as data, phone, video, and audio. We can install wiring both indoors and outdoors.

New Construction & Remodeling

Are you getting ready to expand or remodel your home? We suggest pre-wiring now in order to meet your future technology needs. Pre-wiring today's construction project can minimize the cost of cutting through walls to upgrade wiring for future technology needs.

Contact a Professional Electrician Contact A+ Electrical Services to install low voltage wiring for your phones, fax machines, computers, and TV surround sound systems.

Speaker Wiring

Speakers placed around a room sound great, but all that wire can be an eyesore, an annoyance when you vacuum, and even a tripping hazard. You may be able to keep low-voltage wires out of sight and out of your path simply by running them under rugs and behind furniture but ultimately your wires are safest behind walls where they can not be damaged.

In addition, do not under-estimate the importance of good quality speaker cables, speaker terminals, and proper installation. Poor quality speaker wire, or low quality speaker terminals, will surely impact negatively on speaker performance. Make sure your sound quality is at it's maximum by professionally installing your speaker wires.

  Speaker Wiring

Contact a Professional Electrician Contact A+ Electrical Services for proper installation of your sound system speaker wiring.



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